Helle Gylling

Helle Gylling
Helle Gylling is a certified EmoTrance Practitioner, certified Events Psychology Practitioner and Counseling Astrologer. Regardless of whether you are suffering from the effects of some kind of trauma, experiencing an acute crisis or simply want to evolve even further as a human being – Helle can help you. As long as you are willing to do the work and willing to allow yourself to change, Helle will guide you and support you so that you can experience a level of peace and joy you might not have thought possible. With EmoTrance and Events Psychology, you can very quickly experience tremendous change in how you feel - usually in a few minutes or a few sessions. These techniques truly are that powerful! Contact Helle for a chat to see if the chemistry is right. Freedom from unnecessary pain and suffering is so easy to obtain!
 Locations: Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada
  Jelling, Denmark
 Email: Send Helle Gylling an Email

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