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A NEW Psychology For The 21st Century

Events Psychology

Based not on theories derived from studying the mentally ill, but on the processes of normal people living in the real world, Events Psychology gives us a simple yet profound tool through which we can come to a deeper understanding of ourselves, and of other people.

"Events - those memories that flash by your eyes just before death - are the ONLY memories of real importance, because these memories define your entire life and shape your experience. Working only with these EVENTS is the fastest and most powerful way to bring about psychological healing and freedom to create one's own future."

Dr Silvia Hartmann, Creator, Events Psychology

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Dr Silvia Hartmann, Designer, Events Psychology UK based psychology researcher Dr Silvia Hartmann, creator of The Genius Symbols, Project Sanctuary, and EmoTrance explains in simple terms how ONLY the extraordinary events of our lives - good and bad - define us and how we can change our memories of past events so that we can have more and better events in the future - NEW events which have the power to heal us, change us, enlighten us, and evolve us.

"Events Psychology explains perfectly why people do the strange things that people do. Finally, here is a SENSIBLE, rational psychology that makes sense to real people, and that psychologists can use to help people - elegantly, easily and QUICKLY."

Nicola Quinn, Author & Co-Creator EmoTrance

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