Welcome To Events Psychology

by Dr Silvia Hartmann

Welcome To Events Psychology

Events Psychology is a cohesive model and theory of "how normal human beings work" as it relates to their thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

Here is a first introduction to Events Psychology by Dr Silvia Hartmann.

Events Psychology

How To Understand Yourself & Other People

Created by Dr Silvia Hartmann 2009


A Very Short Introduction To Events Psychology

Events Psychology is a cohesive model and theory of "how normal human beings work" as it relates to their thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

From this model arises a very focused form of treating disturbances which have been caused by past events; the essential understanding how events work to form beliefs, values and attitudes; and a future orientated pursuit of new events which are the only form of human experience that brings about true healing, learning, and evolution.

Events Psychology is not only content free, but it is also “method free” which means that all and any change method you have learned about and that really works may be employed to bring about a “change event” for the client.



"Events - those memories that flash by your eyes just before death - are the ONLY memories of real importance, because these memories define your entire life and shape your experience.

Working only with these EVENTS is the fastest and most powerful way to bring about psychological healing and freedom to create one's own future."

Dr Silvia Hartmann, Creator, Events Psychology

All problems start with events; very highly charged, one time, high energy, instantaneous lightning strike experiences which change a person's systems in a heartbeat.

Although people can have infinite memories, there is a very small number of events which "changed the person's life" in such a way that "the world was never the same again".

By working ONLY with these events, and very SPECIFICALLY with these life changing events, change becomes possible.

Events are extremely specific - "something happened" at a very precise place in time and space, for example, on October 12th, 2002, at exactly 3.45pm, ten yards from the entrance to Grand Central railway station.

Something happened which caused the person to firstly feel something - the event absolute - and then to respond with certain thoughts - the metacomments - which become long lasting post hypnotic suggestions and turn into beliefs, values and attitudes because of their close proximity to the event absolute.

We can choose to work with the event absolute and the feelings of the body, or the metacomments, using any change method or technique that works well, and because we are working with AN EVENT rather than any old unimportant memory, THERE WILL BE SIGNIFICANT CHANGE.

This change is instantanous and can be not only known with the mind, but actually felt in the body; and this change further produces behavioural evidence after the fact.

Changing the memory of events changes a person - quickly, powerfully, and positively.

Events do not just consist of trauma which has in the past been the exclusive target of psychological inquiry and attention.

There are other types of events which are just as powerful as trauma in shaping lives.


Types Of Events

There are four types of events we are dealing with.

The first is deemed to be a negative event, and it is called a trauma.

The second is deemed to be a positive event and it is called a Guiding Star.

The third is an event which is so extraordinary and unknowable that we can't say if it was good or bad, only that something did happen, and the world was never the same from that moment forth.

The fourth is the missing event, something that should have happened but did not, and the search for which is causing ongoing problems until it has been experienced.


Targeting Events Psychology

In Events Psychology, we work highly targeted and exclusively with the events of a person's life, and not all the years of nothingness that lay in between.

We may also map the events to understand the events matrix which creates the actual personality of a person, together with all their beliefs, values, attitudes, preferences, dislikes, obsessions, fascinations and desires.

Events Psychology seeks to help a person put the events of their life into the rightful time and space so that an event may serve as a resource rather than a source of pain.

As the process from event to metacomment and how this has affected a person becomes clear, a person understands themselves much better, is in a better position to extend compassion to the self, and less likely to think that they are "just crazy."

This helps reduce uncertainty (in both practitioners as well as in clients and individual persons) and thereby reduces stress, allowing a person to enter into a positive spiral of self-understanding and more clarity, which leads to even more clarity and mental, emotional and behavioural freedom.


Evolving Events

The core concept of working with memories that directly relate to the most important events in a person's life is to EVOLVE the memory of the event so that a person is no longer "stuck in the past".

It is regardless of whether they are stuck in the past because of trauma, or because of wonderful events memories that can never be repeated, or because of an endless hunger for events that should have happened but never did - being stuck in the past PRECLUDES ENJOYING THE PRESENT and it further precludes CREATING A HOPE FILLED, SUCCESSFUL future.

By "unsticking the past" or EVOLVING the event, movement comes back into a person's life and new things can now begin to happen again.


The Future Orientation Of Events Psychology

Events Psychology is about creating during the course of treatment NEW healing and change events which help a person evolve from where they are stuck in the past and take them to the next level of their own personal development.

Events Psychology also deals the ability of a person to create and experience future events which are in essence the remedy for anything that went wrong in the past.

Events Psychology uses a variety of methods, including memory enrichments and very importantly, by creating events models to stabilise and empower the entire events matrix, thereby making it more likely for a person to be in a position where they can have many more exciting, amazing and transformational events during their remaining lifetime.

Events Psychology is suitable both for practitioners of psychology and mind healing, as well as for any person who would like to "Understand themselves and other people" better at last.

There is no previous knowledge of Energy Psychology presumed or necessary as Events Psychology provides a form and structure that is method free and may be used with any people change technique that actually works.

However, a sound knowledge of Energy Psychology, and especially EmoTrance, is going to be of considerable advantage in the stress free and successful treatment of clients and in self help.


A NEW Model of Personality

Apart from laying out a clear framework on how to elicit events memories safely and stress free, how to work with these memories in order to evolve them, and how to use Events Psychology to explain behaviour, artefacts, life patterns, choices, and much beside, Events Psychology also uses the very latest models of personality.

This includes a new model that does away with the divisiveness of the old "parts models" of the human personality which led to so much conflict and misunderstanding, replacing it instead with a fluent model of infinite selves, each one of which exists only at certain times sequentially.

There is much, much more to Events Psychology which makes it natural, easy to understand, and wonderfully rewarding to work with in practice.

Creating not just entirely stress free but even deeply delightful experiences of true holistic and spiritual psychology that is also LOGICAL at the same time, Events Psychology heals the deep and painful divides of misunderstanding how human beings really works.

Events Psychology gives anyone interested in finding out why they do, think and feel the things they do, think and feel an outstanding tool to make the most of this incarnation.

For the complete NEW theory and practice of Events Psychology, please see

  by Dr Silvia Hartmann   

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