The Benefits Of Events Psychology

The Benefits Of Events Psychology

Events Psychology, having been created from the ground up rather than being based on a concoction of various older psychology approaches, is clear cut, simple and direct.

Events Psychology has special features built in to make working with it into a GOOD EXPERIENCE for BOTH the client and the psychologist. Here is a brief list of the Benefits of Events Psychology.

Events Psychology is  GIFT


The Benefits of Events Psychology

   Natural and easy to understand - this is how people really work and examples of Events Psychology in action are all around us.

   No previous knowledge required - EVERYONE can understand and use Events Psychology to make sense of THEIR lives.

   Events Psychology helps people understand themselves better.

   As a direct result, people start to have more compassion with themselves, and like themselves better. This is VERY important to lead a good life.

   Events Psychology is direct and targeted specifically on events - no endless meandering around all the infinite memories of a person's life, no "So how was your relationship with your father?" type psychoanalysis - ever.

   Events Psychology is FAST - positive change is noticed from the very session onwards.

   EVERY ASPECT of Events Psychology is designed to keep a person calm, stress free and relaxed. No re-living painful memories or digging around in old wounds!

   Events Psychology focuses not just on the emotions and thoughts, but also on the physical sensations. It is thereby a true mind/body/spirit psychology that leaves nothing behind.
   Events Psychology gets forward movement on even the oldest and most intractable problems. We call this evolving the memories and it feels good.
   Events Psychology is so structurally sound and clear cut that it can be used for all memories, even false memories and drug induced experiences, to bring about healing and evolution.
   Because of this clear structure, Events Psychology can also be used for success coaching, future planning and goal setting with excellent results.
   Events Psychology can be successfully applied to families, groups, organisations and businesses - in fact to everything that has a human component.
   Events Psychology is METHOD FREE - which means that a psychologist can use ANY method they choose to help their client with the specific events.
   This sets the psychologist free to be creative and HIGHLY RESPONSIVE, choosing the method to evolve the event that is just right for their clients.
   Psychologists love Events Psychology because it gives both a clear cut structure to the sessions, and within that, allows for the psychologist's intuition and experience to be set free - with outstanding results.
   Events Psychology shows us how structured people really are, and that so many things that were thought of as "madness" are simply cause-and-effect responses to be expected under the circumstances.
   By EVOLVING memories, rather than trying to remove them, deny them or destroy them, we can literally lead people out of the dark places they were stuck in and give them back their future.


Events Psychology is NEW.

It was designed from the ground up by Dr Silvia Hartmann and is the result of decades of dedicated study, observation and research into "how people REALLY work".

If you have questions about your life and why you choose the things you do, Events Psychology has the answer.

If you are a psychologist who wants to step into a new space of excitement and freedom, allowing your natural talents to flourish and find a way to use all the methods and techniques you've ever learned in a fluent and fantastically effective fashion, Events Psychology is THE way to go.


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Posted Mar 2, 2010   

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