Evolving A Memory Fragment: The Red Rocking Horse

by Teri Howlett

Evolving A Memory Fragment: The Red Rocking Horse

In this case story, Teri Howlett helps a client to create a new connection to his father who died when the client, "Henry" was 4 years old by evolving a memory fragment into an events model, thereby creating a very uplifting and spiritually wonderful solution to a life long problem.

Evolving A Memory Fragment:

The Red Rocking Horse


The client "Henry" presented a memory fragment, which he thought might not be real, but he was not sure.

He wanted to remember his father who died when he was 4.

He had a fragment when he thought he remembered his father smashing his red rocking horse against the wall. He could only remember his father’s face from photographs

We talked about stress as the event was traumatic, Henry can handle stress, he told me, he was very relaxed.

We rebuilt the memory step by step.

The room was the living room, in the evening before dinner.

The run up to the event was his father having an argument with his mother, when she refused to take her husband back after he had left her. The young Henry aged 3 1/2 was on the couch, ignored and frightened. The rocking horse was broken.

I asked Henry if there was anything he could do with the skills he has today, to evolve the event. He said he would like to go back and mediate. I asked him how he could do this, he said he could take on the appearance of a therapist they knew and trusted.

At first the father told Henry to stop interfering, Henry spoke to his stressed mother and calmed her. Then Henry started to sing a family song, and the mother, father and little Henry joined in and all sang together. At this point the event evolved, it was beautiful. Henry was happy.

He said that the song was very special and he sings it to his own children.

He now remembers his father, and singing with him and little Henry, the rocking horse was not smashed

It was a beautiful experience

New Meta Comment: The song heals.

I thanked him for sharing it with me.

We finished by discussing how he can talk to his father’s spirit in safety and I suggested to talk to his father in Sanctuary and working further on his existing psychic abilities with EFT.

Posted Jan 2, 2010 by Teri Howlett   

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