The Case Of The Three Gunshots

The Case Of The Three Gunshots

Psychology is much more like detective work than most detectives or psychologists would ever like to admit. Events Psychology makes forensic psychology much more direct, hard hitting and obvious; and with even a little understanding of the principle of Events Psychology, human behaviour can be explained so easily that leaves "everyone completely baffled."

Here is a typical case in point - the case of the woman who shot her husband, three times.

What I find interesting as I persue, much as you do, my personal path to enlightenment, is that I see so much more these days, and more, as every day passes.

I've always been pretty good at figuring out cause-and-effect, how things hang together across time and so forth, but these days, it's just remarkable how instant and perfectly clear some things have become.

That is in no small measure due to the practice and definition of Events Psychology.

An example of that which I found interesting happened yesterday whilst watching a crime show on TV.

In this half hour minus adbreaks long program, a case was re-visted where a wife had shot her husband.

The program starts with the recorded 911 call as the wife says to the operator, "Send someone round. I've shot my husband dead. I shot him three times."

Right there, the "three times" was marked out to me. The way she said it, or whatever, I just immediately sat up and took notice. This was very important to the case, and I knew this from the first 3 minutes of the program onwards.

She was interviewed for the program and described her relationship with the husband who was verbally abusive and in the very short time she has to talk about all of this, for this TV program, she mentions ONE single incident of abuse to "stand for them all" - an occasion where her husband had spat at her.

Three times.

She mimicked the pattern of how he did it and that was that for me. That's the three times. That's where it came from. That's what made her mad.

It was months, maybe a year or more later until the time came and she shot him, bang, bang --- bang - the pattern of the shots was related by a neighbour who had heard them and it was EXACTLY the same pattern as the spitting had been.

The rest of the program and all the contributors, psychologists, lawyers, policemen, they all wondered just why she had shot the husband and really couldn't work it out because the abuse had not been all that bad, compared to so many other cases.

I was sitting there, thinking.

I've never been spat at, much less by someone I was married to, and obviously, I've never been black, either. I've NO idea what happened in that woman's energy system as a result of that - whatever you call that, assault? Curse, even?

Those three energy blasts - zzt, zzt --- zzt - became gun shots.

Is she feeling better now?

Has this taken care of it?

Has she returned the favour, energetically speaking? Did it work to piggyback the energy forms onto the lead bullets?

I find this extremely fascinating on so many different levels. And I also wonder if the observation I made of the cause and effect that exists in this case would have made much difference to her sentencing during the trial.

I wonder if she'd had a copy of The Love Clinic, she could have chosen divorce instead and got rid of the zzts out of her system in a different way. Or an EFT protocol next to the gun in the drawer of her bedside table.

I wonder how long it's going to be before policemen see and hear this, and recognise the connection between the two incidents, which are energetic in nature and have to seen in a different way.

And as always, I'm left wondering how we can speed this along.

For the sake of people like the wife, and the husband, and the kids in this case, the parents of the wife and the husband, their brothers and sisters, their friends ...



Dr Silvia Hartmann

Author, Events Psychology - How To Understand Yourself & Other People

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