Cancer, Hayfever & A Specific Event

What makes Events Psychology unique is that instead of talking about this, that or the other, we go straight for the event - the moment when everything changed and what we might see is a problem today comes into being.

This is so fast and so reliable, it can be shocking - for clients and for therapists alike ...

Here is a case of "conversational Events Psychology" at a family gathering that involves skin cancer, and hayfever.

At this family gathering, there was a lady present whose eyes were watering and she sneezed a lot. At one point, she stood next to me, sneezed and then apologized, "I don't know what it is with this hayfever, I never used to have it as a child or when I was younger ..."

The lady obviously wanted to talk and sought a connection, so I said, "When did it get started? What was the big deal at the time?"

She looked at me with amazement, still patting her nose with a handkerchief, and responded, "Oh! Oh now that you're asking ... well, it started about three years ago ... at the same time I was diagnosed with skin cancer ... oh my ... well I never ...!"

"That must have been very stressful for you," I said and when she nodded, added, "So what was that moment then when everything changed for you? Where did that happen?"

The lady looked at me and said, "It was in the doctor's office. He said to me there's two types of cancer, a good type and a type that kills you and I got the lethal type."

"Oh dear," I said sadly. "They really should choose their words with more care ..."

"Yes," said the lady, "I was so upset I didn't hear a word of what he said after that, next thing I remember is standing outside in the car park and looking at this Rhododendrum bush and crying my eyes out ..."

"And that's ..."

"... when I got the hayfever! Oh my God!"

I put my hand on her back between her shoulder blades for a spot of energy healing without causing a scene at a family gathering and asked her to breathe deeply, and she did, breathing in through the nose.

Then I moved the conversation back to the topic of the day and left it at that. If the lady feels she wants to talk to someone at last about how she feels about having "the lethal cancer" I hope she finds a kindly counsellor that knows at least something about energy work.

I did keep an eye on her following our conversation which lasted less than five minutes and didn't see the handkerchief that had been pressed to her face constantly before our talk, again for the rest of the day.

Dr S Hartmann

August 2010

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