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Victim, Survivor & How The Truth Can Set Us Free

Being forced to accept the mantle of "the victim" which becomes the "everlasting survivor" even when a person doesn't feel like a victim before one is allowed to heal is extremely counterproductive and can block healing, change and evolution fromĀ  happening at all - as is the ongoing exhortation that a person must somehow accept that "It's not your fault!" when in fact they feel with every fibre of their being that is IS THEIR fault.

In this article, Dr Hartmann makes the case for simply working with what a person really feels - the intrapersonal truth - rather than to add insult to injury and telling a person what they should be feeling, or what they're feeling is wrong and it's their fault that they're not healing.

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Evolving The Guiding Star Of The Eternal Learner

Evolving The Guiding Star Of The Eternal Learner

Having worked in the field of personal development and psychology for the last 30 years, there are some global patterns which occur time and time again. The Guiding Star of the Eternal Learner is one of them; this is something that stops people from becoming public speakers, trainers, motivational speakers, leaders in other words and it is generally entirely misdiagnosed.

Are you an "eternal learner" who never goes on to becoming the teacher ...?

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The Case Of The Three Gunshots

The Case Of The Three Gunshots

Psychology is much more like detective work than most detectives or psychologists would ever like to admit. Events Psychology makes forensic psychology much more direct, hard hitting and obvious; and with even a little understanding of the principle of Events Psychology, human behaviour can be explained so easily that leaves "everyone completely baffled."

Here is a typical case in point - the case of the woman who shot her husband, three times.

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Why Events Psychology Is Useful & Necessary For Energy Psychology

Why Events Psychology Is Useful & Necessary For Energy Psychology

I am currently helping to archive some materials from the early days of energy psychology and energy therapies and came across this statement by one of the leading pioneers in the field: "There are typically between 700 and 1900 emotional roots to any specific problem in adults, and somewhat fewer in children."

Events Psychology states that instead of there being "typically between 700 and 1900 emotional roots to any specific problem in adults" there is exactly one.

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Space Clearing & Events Psychology: Battling The Artefacts

Space Clearing & Events Psychology: Battling The Artefacts

In EvP, any object that is more than its material value is called an artefact. Artefacts are material manifestations of an event, and there is no exception to that. This being so, artefacts are particularly stubborn and difficult to deal with when it comes to space clearing, home harmony, Feng Shui or simply keeping one's living quarters under control.

In this article, I am going to share a battle royal with artefacts, and how Events Psychology can help us not just regain control over the material objects in our lives, but helps us understand ourselves much better in the process.

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Events & Belief Formation: Thrift VS Stale Cornflakes

There are many concepts that describe a range of behaviour, and we have words to describe these concepts. If we strongly reject these concepts mentally and emotionally, which also means physically as emotions are felt through the body, we have something that is belief formation in action - and this can cause major disturbances in BEHAVIOUR at the end of the process.

Here is a fascinating story of belief formation around the topic of "being thrifty" caused by an event - and the main player was a packet of stale cornflakes.

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Saving An Aspect - The Child In The Dark Closet

It is true that people carry their events on their sleeve - people bring their events, good, bad, unknowable, missing or absent, along with them wherever they go, and if someone will listen, the events are right there to be dealt with, quickly and directly.

Here is a case of a lady who had been in therapy for 30 years - and no-one thought to save an aspect who was suffering in darkness still: The Child In The Closet

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Cancer, Hayfever & A Specific Event

What makes Events Psychology unique is that instead of talking about this, that or the other, we go straight for the event - the moment when everything changed and what we might see is a problem today comes into being.

This is so fast and so reliable, it can be shocking - for clients and for therapists alike ...

Here is a case of "conversational Events Psychology" at a family gathering that involves skin cancer, and hayfever.

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Events Psychology At The 3rd European Energy Psychology Conference

Events Psychology At The 3rd European Energy Psychology Conference

Silvia Hartmann will be presenting Events Psychology at the 3rd European Energy Psychology Conference.

The main conference presentation is followed by a one day additional training day for AMT practitioners, advanced practitioners and trainers who want to add the unique features of Events Psychology to their toolbox of techniques.

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I Wish Gordon Ramsay Knew Events Psychology

I Wish Gordon Ramsay Knew Events Psychology

Here is a kind of anti-case story - what happens when someone doesn't know what to do when confronted with a person who is "stuck in the past" - following an old guiding star event, that was so powerful and so wonderful, that the person in question will do anything to try and re-live it (which of course is impossible as no event can ever be repeated).

In this example, Gordon Ramsay did his best, but he did end up traumatizing the owner of the guiding star even more, which need not have happened. Here's the story.

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Holistic Psychology, Spiritual Psychology & Events Psychology

Events psychology is designed to be a truly holistic as well as a truly spiritual (although not religious) psychology.

Here are two essays by Dr Silvia Hartmann on Events Psychology as a holistic psychology, and spiritual psychology, respectively.

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Case Study: How Events Psychology Helped To Make A Difficult Decision

Case Study: How Events Psychology Helped To Make A Difficult Decision

Emotional wellness can be achieved in many ways. This is the story of a woman who had been agonizing over making an important decision. EFT and Events Psychology helped her to feel much better about herself.

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The Benefits Of Events Psychology

The Benefits Of Events Psychology

Events Psychology, having been created from the ground up rather than being based on a concoction of various older psychology approaches, is clear cut, simple and direct.

Events Psychology has special features built in to make working with it into a GOOD EXPERIENCE for BOTH the client and the psychologist. Here is a brief list of the Benefits of Events Psychology.

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EvP, EFT & The Woman Who Was Scared Of Groups

Dr. Silvia Hartmann's "Events Psychology" opens new doors to understanding human behaviour and healing what went wrong. Read the case of a woman who was scared of groups, and how Events Psychology and EFT turned out to be a winning combination.

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Evolving A Memory Fragment: The Red Rocking Horse

Evolving A Memory Fragment: The Red Rocking Horse

In this case story, Teri Howlett helps a client to create a new connection to his father who died when the client, "Henry" was 4 years old by evolving a memory fragment into an events model, thereby creating a very uplifting and spiritually wonderful solution to a life long problem.

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Altering Events - A Huge Improvement

EvP, EFT & EmoTrance Practitioner Teri Howlett discusses why she considers Events Psychology a huge improvement in client care, and tells the story of her experiences with standard psychology and counselling, "After a year I quit and got a rescue dog, the dog was a lot better that the psychologist."

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Healing The Pain of Remembering

The client is a 47 year old woman who is a practicing psychotherapist and has a Master’s Degree in Social Work. The client came to me with a diagnosis of memory loss secondary to multiple sclerosis. Yet, she had a dilemma. As much as she had feared multiple sclerosis and her memory loss, she also feared remembering. Remembering meant pain.

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Feelings, Lightening & Warming

Events psychology recognizes that if “you don’t feel anything, there will be no change.” Feelings are important to events which are always total body experiences and awareness of these feelings in the body is often the key to making lasting, powerful changes.

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Congratulations New Events Practitioners!

Congratulations New Events  Practitioners!

Announcing the world's first ever Events Practitioners and congratulations to every one of them for their hard work and dedication.

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The SUE Scale - Subjective Units Of Experience

The SUE Scale measures the subjective (intrapersonal) experience and gives client and practitioner a way to make their way towards the THRESHOLD SHIFT - the EVENT of healing, learning, change or evolution - directly and at speed.

One of the core differences between Events Psychology and standard psychology is the presence of the POSITIVE SCALE OF EMOTIONS.

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