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Interview with Dr Silvia Hartmann, Creator of Events Psychology



How is Events Psychology different from Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology as we know it is a collection of methods and techniques that work with the human energy body in order to bring about a healing change for mind, emotions and behaviours.

Working with Energy Psychology, notably EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques and EmoTrance over the last ten years has shown up some things about how a human works in mind, body and spirit that were simply not known before.

Events Psychology offers a new model of how people work so we can understand ourselves and others better. Events Psychology explains how people are formed and shaped by the events of their lives and then explains what needs to be done to heal the past, preserve the present, and plan for a different future.

This is a very structural model that applies to human psychology across the board and is applicable not just for mind healing, but also for future planning. Events Psychology is content free, which means that you can treat any kind of event - good, bad, unknowable and missing - in a structural, successful way.

More than that, Events Psychology is also "method free" which means that ANY change technique that actually works can be used in the treatment flow to bring about real events of change, healing, learning and evolution.

Obviously, Events Psychology lends itself particularly well to using Energy Psychology methods, but it can also be used by those who "don't believe in energy" or work in a more traditional way with established change methods; this is very important at this time in order to create a bridge between those who practice Energy Psychology, and those who don't.

Events Psychology is designed to be that bridge.


What advantages does Events Psychology confer to Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology as we know it has suffered from the disadvantage that it inherited the absence of a cohesive, practical, workable model for human development, emotion, thought and behaviour from traditional psychology.

This was unavoidable, because without taking the energy system into consideration, people don't make sense and you can't create a workable theory for how people actually work.

Therefore, Energy Psychology was used in the the same way as the old traditional psychology methods were, simply because we didn't have anything else.

This brought with it naturally significant drawbacks which included:

  • a high level of uncertainty in both the practitioner and the client whether what they're working on is the right thing in the first place,
  • if there are ecological concerns and how to deal with those,
  • what changes should be sought for the best of the client,
  • what the level of rapport and connection between client and practitioner should be,
  • how to structure sessions for the best benefit of the client,
  • how fast or how slow to take the changework,
  • whether or not to it was beneficial to have the client experience extreme emotions in the treatment flow,
  • being uncertain how to handle various forms of mental and emotional stress correctly in the treatment flow,
  • in which order and sequence to work on which presenting aspect of the problem group,
  • how many sessions were actually needed,
  • how to know when the treatment was complete,
  • how the actual outcome of the complete treatment would look like, manifest like,

... and so on and so forth.

That's a lot of uncertainty.

That's a lot of stress.

Events Psychology removes both the uncertainty and the stress and replaces this with a clear cut model of what we need to do, step by step, to achieve a breakthrough in healing, change, learning (cognitive changes) and evolution for the client.

This speeds up the treatments, makes them much more pleasant, gives a natural, powerful motivational flow to the entire treatment process, brings powerful, measurable, predictable results and leads to more good feelings for both client and practitioner all around.

You could say that Events Psychology provides Energy Psychology with the missing theoretical backbone that takes Energy Psychology to the next level of its effectiveness.


Are the principles of Events Psychology proven, tried and tested?

That is an interesting question.

Events Psychology is not "a new idea" that now needs to prove itself in practice.

Events Psychology arose DIRECTLY out of observations made during the practice of many different Energy Psychology methods over the last ten years.

As people really started to change and gain forward movements in their stuck problems, we began to understand how change works, how you do change, what change is all about in the first place.

During this time, many major breakthroughs were achieved on numerous different fronts, like a jig saw puzzle beginning to come together, one piece at a time.

And these breakthroughs were tested in the field, with literally hundreds of thousands of people, more perhaps, in self help, in the client/practitioner setting, in workshops, in practical settings with actual victims all around the World.

We are talking numbers of test subjects which have never been seen in any psychologically motivated clinical trial, ever.

Not only were thousands upon thousands of people from all religions, upbringings, ages, gender, sexual orientation, race and society involved in the "reality testing" of Energy Psychology ideas and theories, the range of problems that were treated with these approaches is equally unheard of in any clinic trial, and impossible to replicate in a clinic trial setting.

The amount of evidence we have is simply staggering - overwhelming, you might say.

Events Psychology is THE DIRECT RESULT of taking that data, and putting it together into a new working model that is based entirely on reality, and on real living people who do not just have problems, but also dreams, hopes, fears, goals and ambitions and cannot be treated in isolation as "some psychological disorder".

To answer the question, the principles of Events Psychology have been tried and tested for over ten years, can be tested further right now against the actual life experiences of any individual person, and are very close to being incontrovertible.


What impact is Events Psychology going to have on Energy Psychology?

Events Psychology represents a coming of age for the many different energy psychology techniques and approaches.

When Energy Psychology first began, there was a great deal of having to be very careful, being very apologetic about these "new, untested, and essential unscientific" methods amongst even the greatest proponents of these new approaches.

Of course, everyone who practised Energy Psychology found themselves in unchartered territory, and at the receiving end of a truly remarkable learning curve, at that.

Simply put, we started off quite nervous, hesitant and shy, and often in a position of not being able to explain properly "what just happened" - we only knew it worked, and there was something incredibly important for each one of us as well as for all humanity to be found here.

Without a proper theoretical framework, things were difficult.

Events Psychology puts and end to this uncertainty.

Energy Psychology practitioners can use the principles of Events Psychology as a powerful theoretical backbone for their work. This means quite literally that all who practice Energy Psychology can stop apologizing for what they do and hold up their heads high as the vanguard of a new way of understanding people and helping them achieve more exciting, joy filled lives.

After the peer review of Events Psychology by the executive AMT trainers, it was decided to re-design the MET trainings around the principles of Events Psychology as it makes the theory and practice of Energy Psychology easier to explain, faster, more directed and allows the true power of the Energy Psychology approaches to shine from the word go.

Further, it is important to note that the principles of Events Psychology are the missing bridge which will bring many more "traditional" psychologists and other forms of professionals engaged in the field of helping people with thought, behaviour and emotion directly into Energy Psychology.

This is very much the purpose of publishing Events Psychology in its current form at this time.

In order to test the validity of the principles of Events Psychology, no leap of faith of any kind is required.

All a person has to do is to consider the events of their own lives and those of other people to be able to validate to themselves, right there and then, whether or not this is simply true.

No amount of 2nd hand authority-endorsement can compete with a single person having the actual experience of discovering something new and important about themselves that they never understood before.

This is probably the only practical way to change people's minds and overcome their preconceptions without fail.

Events Psychology is provable, simple, straightforward and in the end, simply true. It will not just help alleviate psychological suffering, but also bring joy into people's lives, and significantly reduce uncertainty and stress for anyone who knows about it. Events Psychology as a high theoretical model has further, endless applications for all forms of healing, teaching and learning, art and science, change and evolution which makes it particularly exciting.

But please do remember that Events Psychology is THE RESULT of what we learned during our trials, experiments and real life tests with real people using Energy Psychology methods and approaches all around the world for over ten years and on a huge array of presenting problems. It is that which makes Events Psychology so solid, provable, and the paradigm shift it represents.

Dr Silvia Hartmann

Creator, Events Psychology: How To Understand Yourself And Other People

August 2009


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